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Bee pollinating lavender.

June 1, 2022

Want to test your bee knowledge? Take this fun quiz to see what you know about bees!

May 29, 2022

Join us virtually for our first-ever launch of the PolinaTech bees in 2 weeks! Sign up now!

May 7, 2022

Unfortunately, due to safety precautions, the launch will be held virtually. Join us on June 25 to watch PolinaTech's first bee launch! Hope to see you all there!

April 12, 2022

2 months until first flight!

Bee pollinating white flower.

March 14, 2022

Colony Collapse Disorder is a phenomenon where the majority of worker bees in a colony disappear unexpectedly and without obvious reason. However, recent studies have shown that this disorder may be the result of the presence of the invasive varroa mite or pesticide poisoning. Learn more about CCD and what is being done to prevent it here.

February 19, 2022

Did you know that bees have 5 eyes? As well as two large eyes either side of its head, a bee has three ‘simple’ eyes on the top of its head. These detect light (but not shapes), meaning that a bee can sense if it is being approached from above by a predator. For more fun facts about bee eyes, check out this article!

January 29, 2022

PolinaTech is proud to announce the launch of a robot bee project to work towards a practical solution due to the imminent threat of the extinction of bees. Learn more on our "About" page!